Class Nine-Ten, SSC & Dakhil Paragraph for English 1st Paper

Mohammed Ahsan

Class Nine-Ten, SSC & Dakhil Paragraph for English 1st Paper

Paragraph প্যারাগ্রাফ লেখার সহজ টিপস :

  • প্রদত্ত প্রশ্নগুলোর আলোকে Paragraph লিখতে হবে।
  • প্রশ্নগুলোর উত্তর একটি একটি করে না দিয়ে বরং এমন ভাবে লিখতে হবে যাতে পুরো Paragraph জুড়ে প্রশ্নগুলোর উত্তর শ্রুতিমধুরভাবে থাকে।
  • প্রয়োজনে প্রশ্নের বাইরেও তথ্য দেওয়া যেতে পারে।
  • পুরো Paragraph একটি প্যারায় লিখতে হবে।
  • বোর্ডের প্রশ্নে ১০০ বা ২৫০ words -এ Paragraph লিখতে বলা হয়।

1) Write a paragraph on "Our National Flag" by answering the following questions.

(a) What do you mean by a "National Flag"?

(b) How have we got Our National Flag?

(c) What is its width and length?

(d) Where is it hoisted?

(e) What do the colours mean?

(f) How can we protect and uphold the honour of Our National Flag?

Our National Flag

Ans: A flag represents a country over the world. As we are a free nation, we have a glorious national flag. It represents our freedom and sovereignty. But, we have not got our national flag overnight. There is a long history of achieving our national flag. Before 26 March 1971, Bangladesh was not an independent country. She was a part of Pakistan and called East Pakistan then. We were deprived of our due rights. So, it was inevitable to fight against Pakistan. Our freedom fighters flied the national flag and went for fight against the oppressive rulers. After a freedom fight of nine months, Bangladesh wins victory by a great sacrifice. Then our national flag flies in the free sky of Bangladesh. Thus, we have got our national flag. Our national flag has a fixed ratio of length and width which is 10:6. Our flag is the combination of two colours-green and red. The green colour symbolizes evergreen beauty of our homeland while the red colour symbolizes blood given by our freedom fighters. We use our national flag when our educational institutions start every day. Different Govt. and non-Govt. offices also hoist the national flag. We also hoist our flag in different national days and traditional occasions of Bangladesh. But it is kept half-mast on any national or international mourning days. We are proud of our national flag. It is the source of our spirit, hope and inspiration. It must be kept at its sublime position at any cost.

2) Write a paragraph on 'The Importance of Learning English' by answering the following questions.

(a) Why is English called an International Language?

(b) Why should we learn English?

(c) What do you think about the necessity of grammar in learning English?

(d) How does your English textbook help you learn English?

(e) How does your English help you in managing a job?

The Importance of Learning English

Ans: The importance of English cannot be described in words. It is the language used all over the world. That means it is an international language. We need English for our higher education. All books on higher education are written in English. These books help us to acquire knowledge. Besides the knowledge of modern science and technology is available in English. Today more than 80% of all the information in the world’s computers is in English. So if we do not know English, we will not be able to keep pace with the present world. So, we should be very careful to learn English from now on. Our English textbook can help a lot in this regard. Because, it has been developed to attain competency in all four language skills, i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing. We also cannot deny the necessity of grammar in learning English as it helps us to use the language accurately. Today organizations need employees who can speak and write a standard form of English. So it helps us to get a good job and to earn more money. Moreover, to communicate with foreign countries and to run foreign business, English is essential. From this, we can say that we need to learn English for the progress of our individual as well as our national life.

3) Write a paragraph on 'A Tea Stall' answering the following questions.

(a) Where is a tea stall found?

(b) How is it furnished?

(c) What things are sold there?

(d) Who serves tea?

(e) Where does the manager sit and what is his function?

(f) What is the condition of a tea-stall?

(g) How long does a tea-stall remain open?

(h) What do the customers do in the tea-stall?

A Tea Stall

Ans: A tea stall is a small shop. Tea is mainly sold here for the passers-by. It is a common place to all classes of people. It is usually found at the turn of the road, bus stands, railway stations, bazars or even beside offices where the common people are available. It opens early in the morning and closes at late night. Biscuits, bread, bananas, betel leaf and different kinds of handmade snacks are also available there. A tea stall is furnished with some benches and tables. A boy is employed in a tea stall to serve the people. The manager generally sits beside the cash box inside his tea stall. He receives money from the customers. He also looks after the overall management of it. People who come to a tea stall usually do not leave it immediately after taking a cup of tea. People refresh themselves with a cup of tea in a tea stall. A tea stall is also a place where social disputes are discussed. They mainly talk about politics and current affairs. This is why it is called a Mini Sangsad. Infact, a tea stall is nowadays an important place of social gathering and at the same time a place of charm for the common people. So, a tea stall occupies an important place in our day-to-day life.

4) Write a paragraph on 'Traffic Jam' by answering the following questions.

(a) What is traffic jam?

(b) What are the main causes of traffic jam?

(c) Why is traffic jam a great problem to us?

(d) How can we get rid of this problem?

(e) What are the responsibilities of the government to solve this problem?

Traffic Jam

Ans: Traffic jam means blockade of vehicles. It is one of the major problems of modern time. It is mainly happened in urban areas. There are a lot of reasons behind traffic jam. This problem is created by the rapid growth of population and the increasing number of vehicles. The roads of our country are very narrow. There are many unlicensed vehicles  in our country. The drivers are not willing to obey traffic rules. They want to drive according to their freedom. As a result, traffic jam is created. Traffic jam is very harmful for our life. During traffic jam, life stands still. It is really unbearable and miserable. It kills our valuable time and our works are hampered widely. It causes great sufferings to the ambulance carrying dying patients and the fire brigade vehicles. However, this problem can be solved by taking some steps. We should obey the traffic rule. Our government should construct spacious roads. One way movement of vehicles should be introduced. Traffic rules should be imposed strictly so that the drivers are bound to obey traffic rules. Sufficient traffic police should be posted on important points. Finally unlicensed vehicles should be removed. By doing the above things, we can be free from traffic jam.

5) Write a paragraph on "A Street Accident" by answering the following questions.

(a) How did the accident take place?

(b) How was/were the victim/victims?

(c) What was your feeling?

(d) What are the main causes of street accident?

(e) What should we do to prevent it?

A Street Accident

Ans: When a vehicle collides with another on the street, it is called street accident. It has become a major problem in our country. It is an unpleasant and unexpected event. It is caused by vehicles while moving on the street recklessly. There are many causes behind street accident in our country. The roads and streets of our country are narrow. They are not straight. Rush driving is a major cause of street accident. Overtaking tendency of the drivers is also responsible. Besides defective and old vehicles increase street accident. A few days ago, I saw a street accident. A bus driver failed the break and hit against a tree. Some of the passengers were injured lightly. I got panicked seeing the accident. Some measures can be taken to control street accident. Roads and streets need to be constructed on proper plan. Modern system of traffic control should be introduced. Defective vehicles should be removed. Driving license should be issued honestly and duly. Moreover people in general need to obey traffic rules. And thus, we can minimize street accident.

6) Write a paragraph on 'A Village Fair' by answering the following questions. 

(a) What is a village fair?

(b) Where does it sit and on what occasion?

(c) How long does it last?

(d) What kinds of goods come here?

(e) What importance does it play on rural life?

A Village Fair

Ans: A village fair is an occasion of the village people to enjoy a public gathering. It is one of the most important events for the villagers. The fair is held on a specific occasion including Pahela Baishakh, Chaittro Sangkranti, Eid, Durga Puja, etc. The village fair is organised by a village committee. The committee organises the fair at an open field. Hundreds of stalls and make-shift shops of various items are installed at the fair. Children wait for a long time for the fair. They count down the days and make a list of buying goods from the fair. Different forms of entertainments including circus show, cock fight, magic show, jatra, puppet show amuse the villagers. Men, women and children of all ages gather and buy many fancy things for their household purposes. They also arrange for a family get-together and invite their relatives centering the event. The fair brings much pleasure to the villagers and gives them relaxed. But some evil practices including gambling in the fair must be discouraged. 

7) Write a paragraph on 'Load-Shedding' by answering the following questions.

(a) What is load–shedding?

(b) Why does it occur?

(c) How do you feel during load-shedding?

(d) How does it cause a great harm to us?

(e) How can we solve this problem?


Ans: Load-shedding means the discontinuity of electricity supply for short or long time. Nowadays it has become a part of our daily life. There are many reasons for load-shedding. The insufficient production of electricity is the main reason of it. Misuse and illegal connection of electricity are the other reasons of it. It occurs mostly at night because the demand of electricity is more than in the daytime. The bad effects of load-shedding are beyond description. It creates problem in the socio-economic development of the country. Mills and factories, shops, hospitals etc. become paralyzed due to load-shedding. The sufferings of the students like us know no bounds. We sit in the darkness closing our books during the load-shedding. We suffer a lot if it occurs in the time of our examination. The patients also suffer terribly because operation stops in hospitals for load-shedding. Load-shedding at night also encourages the thieves. However, this problem should be solved at any cost. The concerned authority must take necessary steps to stop it. More power stations should be established. Illegal connection and system loss should also be stopped. After all, there is no alternative to be conscious about the misuse of electricity.

8) Write a paragraph on "Your School Library" by answering the following questions.

(a) What is a school library?

(b) Why is it needed for you?

(c) What kinds of books are there in your school library?

(d) Why is it called a store-house of knowledge?

(e) What is the role of a school library?

Your School Library

Ans: A library is a storehouse of knowledge.  It satisfies our eternal thirst for knowledge of the unknown and the unseen. It plays an important role in the realm of knowledge. It is a part and parcel of a school. No school is complete without library. Our school has a big library. It is housed in a two-storied building. The library has a good collection of books. There are many almirahs. The books are arranged in different shelves according to the subjects. The reading room and the office room of the librarian are separate. The librarian has some assistants. There is a big reading room. The reading room is well furnished. When we take the help of a catalogue, the assistants at once find the book and help us. We are issued library cards. We can borrow books from the library. In the reading room we can read as many books as we like. Silence is must here. Nobody is allowed to make noise. The library is very helpful for us. We collect different types of book from the library. There are some books which help us to prepare our academic notes. There are also some books, magazines, etc. which help to broaden our knowledge. Actually the library plays an important role to build our present and future.

9) Write a paragraph on 'A School Magazine' through answering the following questions.

(a) What is a school magazine?

(b) What does it contain?

(c) Who work for it?           

(d) Who bear the expenditure?

(e) What is its importance?

A School Magazine

Ans: A school magazine is an annual publication of a school. It is usually published once a year. Students and teachers write to it. It contains the literary works or other information of a school. It also contains quizzes, poems, short-stories etc. Some teachers and students work for it. The committee is formed among them. The editor invites writings. Then the best writings are selected for publishing. Mainly students and teachers bear the expenditure for the publication of the magazine. A fund is formed named 'magazine fund' for this. A school magazine has great importance in school life. A student can express his latent talent through it Students can know about their school. They can also enrich their knowledge. Every school should publish a school magazine. It is a part and parcel of school life.

10) Write a paragraph on 'A Village Doctor' by answering the following questions.

(a) Who is a village doctor? 

(b) What is his qualification?

(c) What type of things are found in his dispensary?

(d) When does he come to his dispensary and see his patients?

(e) What is his importance in the society?

A Village Doctor

Ans: A village doctor is a physician who gives medical treatment to the rural people. He is a popular figure in the village. He is familiar to almost every villager. He is not a qualified doctor. He is a quack. He starts his career with the experience he had gathered by working with a doctor or in a dispensary. So, he has a lot of practical experience. He can deal well with the common diseases. He has a dispensary with an almirah, a chair, a table and one or two benches. He sits in the dispensary, examines the patients and gives medicines. He receives the cost of medicine. Then he goes out in the village to see his patients. Generally he uses a bi-cycle. In the absence of any qualified doctor, a village doctor renders useful services to the villagers. He is thus an important person to them.

11) Write a paragraph on 'Tree Plantation' in about 250 words answering the following questions:

(a) What is tree plantation?

(b) What do we get from trees?

(c) Why should we plant more trees?

(d) Where can we plant trees?

(e) When is the suitable time for tree plantation?

(f) How can we take care of them?

(g) How can we make tree plantation successful?

(h) What is your suggestions about tree plantation?

Tree Plantation

Ans: Tree Plantation means planting seedlings in an organized way. The importance of tree plantation cannot be ignored any more. Through tree plantation our environment remains balanced properly. Natural calamities cannot occur unexpectedly. Our demand of food is met up. Oxygen is properly balanced in air. The most important thing is that ecological balance remains fit for the betterment of the maintenance of humans, animals and plants as well. If trees are not planted, we cannot get food, oxygen and different kinds of needful elements. So, there is a close relationship in between trees and humans. If there had been no trees, the environment would have lost balance. Floods and drought may occur repeatedly. Lands would turn into desert place. The rainy season is the best time for plantation of trees. We can plant trees in the lands which are uncultivable. Road-side, road-divider, rooftop etc. can also be used to plant trees. We should take some effective measures to grow them well. We should take care of them properly so that the animals or other concerns cannot damage them. We can get available trees from any nursery or Govt. agriculture department. We can take several actions to make tree plantation successful. We can take part in tree plantation campaign. The campaign may be held in schools, colleges, universities or in any other populated places. We may also arrange tree fair in the rainy season. We should make the people conscious about deforestation. Government and NGOs can play an important role here. We should make the tree plantation programme successful for a better future.

12) Write a paragraph on 'A Book Fair I have Visited' on the basis of the questions given below:

(a) What does a book fair mean?

(b) What was the occasion of the fair?

(c) Where was it held?

(d) How was the environment of the fair?

(e) What was the impact of the fair?

(f) What sorts of books did you buy from the book fair?

A Book Fair I have Visited

Ans: A book fair is a place where various kinds of books are brought for sale and display. It is a very popular fair. In fact, a book fair is considered to be an occasion of great festivity to the book-lovers. It is usually held in the winter season on an open place in most of the major cities of the country. The main thing about a book fair is not sale but display of books on different subjects. It is organized by various institutions on various occasions, namely, Martyrs Day, Victory Day, Independence Day etc. Recently I visited a book fair at Bangla Academy premises. Actually, it is an annual function and Bangla Academy authorities arrange the fair in memory of the language martyrs. It is termed as "Amor Ekushey Boi Mela." Whenever I entered the mela premises, I was really glad at the calm and quiet environment. I bought some books of varied interests. Though it was brimming with people, there was no chaotic situation. I saw book lovers humming in the stalls without any trouble. According to my list I collected some valuable books without any hazard. The decoration of the premises also pleased me very much. I was really fortunate as I met some eminent writers of our country and I took autographs from them. Actually, I was really happy at the fair and I hope it will uphold our culture in the arena of world literature.

13) Write a paragraph on 'A Railway Station' answering the questions.

(a) What is a railway station?

(b) What is the atmosphere of a railway station?

(c) What are found in a railway station?

(d) When does it become crowded?

(e) What facilities do the passengers get from there?

A Railway Station

Ans: A railway station is a place where trains stop for the passengers to get into and get off from the train. It is a busy place. It becomes very busy because of the arrival of trains. Here the passengers are found to stand in a queue to collect their tickets in front of the ticket counter. A big station is always crowded with passengers, hawkers, and posters. There are bookstalls, book-sellers and waiting rooms in such a stations. Vendors shout to sell their products. When a train reaches at the station, the passengers hurry to get off from the train. At the same time passengers waiting for the train want to get on the train. As a result, a collision of two groups of passengers takes place. The whistling sound of the departing train creates a situation of vacuum in the minds of the passengers. When the train leaves the station, it becomes deserted. A railway station is often a den for the anti-social elements. It is a suitable place for the beggars to carry on their trade. It is an unhygienic place too. The authority should look into it. 

14) Write a paragraph on 'The Life of a Farmer' answering the questions.

(a) Who is a farmer?

(b) What does he do?

(c) How does he do his work?

(d) How is his life?

(e) How should he be treated?

The Life of a Farmer

Ans: A person who does the work of farming is known as a farmer. A farmer is a common figure in our country. He has a little land, a pair of bullocks and some hand-made tools. Most of the farmers of our country have no land. They cultivate other lands. A farmer generally gets up early in the morning and goes to his land. He ploughs his land, sows the seeds and weeds out. He comes home at noon. Then he eats his meals, takes rest and again goes to the field. He works hard in the field from morning till evening. He gets little crops. He does not know how to plough his land scientifically. He cannot buy seeds and fertilizer for lack of money. As a result, he cannot produce more food for himself. He has both pleasures and pains. If he gets a good harvest, his face looks happy. On the other hand, if crops are not grown well, his suffering knows no bounds. Actually, the life of a farmer is very miserable. Sorrows and sufferings are his constant companions. He does not know what is joy and happiness. He leads a very simple life. But he is an asset of our country. He grows crops for country. So, our government should give the farmers financial help or loan.

15) Write a paragraph on 'Bad Effects of Smoking' answering the following questions.

(a) What is smoking?

(b) Which poisonous substance is present in cigarettes?

(c) How does it affect our body?

(d) How does a non-smoker get affected by a smoker?

(e) How can we give up this habit?

Bad Effects of Smoking

Ans: Smoking is a very dangerous habit. It causes many fatal diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, kidney and heart diseases. Cigarettes are made from tobacco leaves. There is a poisonous substance called nicotine in tobacco leaves. When a person smokes cigarettes, this nicotine enters into his lungs with every puff. If anybody smokes cigarettes for years, this deadly nicotine causes lung cancer. Nicotine also obstructs the flow of blood through the veins. This hampers the supply of oxygen in the body. It causes the rise of blood pressure and increases the heart beat. The ultimate result is heart attack. The habit of smoking pollutes our environment. If a smoker smokes before a non-smoker, the non-smoker is affected by the smoke which is harmful to health. So by smoking in the public places, a smoker can cause harm to the environment and also to the non-smokers. A smoker spends a lot of money for buying cigarettes. When young people are addicted to smoking, they adopt unfair ways to manage the money for buying cigarettes. We all should be conscious of the harmful consequences of smoking. We should keep ourselves away from this habit.

16) Write a paragraph on 'Drug Addiction' answering the following questions :

(a) What does drug addiction mean?

(b) How do young people become addicted to drug?

(c) How do the drug addicted people manage money?

(d) How does it affect human body?

(e) How can we get rid of the problem?

Drug Addiction

Ans: Drug addiction means taking opium, marijuana, phensedyl, heroin, yaba etc. for stimulating effects. Drug addiction is a curse of modern civilization. It is now a global problem. Frustration is the cause of this addiction. When there is no hope left for the young people, they become addicted to drug. The drugs are very expensive. Young boys cannot afford to buy them. In order to arrange money, they have to commit many kinds of social crimes. Drug addiction has a terrible effect on human body. People feel drowsy and lose appetite. It may damage the brain and all internal functions of the body. The addicts feel intensive pain in the body. The treatment of the drug addicts is expensive and difficult. In Bangladesh, the drug addiction problem has become so acute that thousands of families are directly or indirectly affected by it. The remedy for drug addiction is not so easy. All concerned must create awareness at personal and family levels. When all people will be sincere to drive this curse, the human beings can get rid of it.

17) Write a paragraph about 'Your Favourite Game' answering the following questions :

(a) What is your favourite game?

(b) Why do you like the game?

(c) How many teams and players are needed to play the game?

(d) How is it played?

(e) What do you learn from the game?

Your Favourite Game

Ans: Cricket is my favourite game. I like it because it gives me recreation and keeps my body fit. The game of cricket needs two teams, each having eleven players. Two umpires conduct the game and sometimes, a third umpire is called to solve confusion. At the beginning of the match a toss is conducted to select a fielding group and a batting group. A batsman may be bowled out, run out, stumped out or caught out. When a bowler bowls, a batsman hits the ball away and runs to the opposite wicket. The batsman of the other side runs to his place. Thus one run is scored. If the ball crosses the boundary line, four runs are made. If it flies over the boundary line, six runs  are scored. If a batsman is out, another player takes his place. After interval the fielding group comes to bat and the batting group goes to field. The team which scores more runs wins the game. The duration of the game is guided by the fall of wicket or completion of the over. Cricket is a very popular game all over the world. It teaches us patience and discipline.

18) Write a paragraph on 'Importance of Reading Newspapers' by answering the following questions:

(a) Why do you read newspapers?

(b) What newspapers do you read?

(c) How does it improve your knowledge?

(d) What kind of news can you get in a newspaper?

(e) How can you be benefited by reading newspapers?

Importance of Reading Newspapers Or, Newspaper Reading

Ans: I read newspapers. I think it is necessary for all to read newspapers. Because by reading newspapers we can know the news of the current world. I read both Bangla and English newspapers. Reading newspapers enriches our knowledge. A newspaper is called the storehouse of knowledge. It contains the news of the happenings all over the world. A newspaper publishes the news of various sectors of life. It focuses on politics, economics, business, sports, culture, literature, natural disasters, accident, etc. So reading newspapers is of great importance. A political leader can know the news of world politics, an economist and businessman can know the news of world economy and business respectively. Similarly we can find our favourite news and information in newspapers. We can become conscious of our respective sectors by reading newspapers. For all these reasons, we should read newspapers regularly.

19) Suppose you have visited a historical place. Read the questions and write a paragraph by answering the questions given below :

(a) When did you go?

(b) Who went with you?

(c) Where did you go?

(d) How long did you stay there?

(e) What did you see there?

(f) What is the place famous for?

A Visit to a Historical Place

Ans: Man is not satisfied with what he has seen and known. A visit to a place of historical interest is really interesting and attractive. Dhaka is a place of historical interest. During the last summer vacation, I along with some of my friends, decided to go to Savar to see the National Memorial. Accordingly we fixed a date and started our journey from Gabtali to Savar at 10 a.m. by bus. We reached at the National Memorial just after 45 minute. Actually the National Memorial at Savar is the symbol of the nation’s respect for the martyrs of the war of liberation. It contains the history of our independence. It is built with concrete, but made of blood. It stands 150 feet tall. There is actually a series of 7 towers that rise by stages to a height of 150 feet. The foundation was laid on the first anniversary of the victory day. Reaching there we felt a great respect to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their valuable lives for us. We took some snaps taking the view of the memorial. However, we visited the place and the surrounding area for about an hour. The most moving sight of the complex is the several graves of the martyred freedom fighters just close to the tower. However, we left the place paying our glowing tribute to the freedom fighters. Through this visit we experienced a lot.

20) Write a paragraph on 'Rickshaw Puller' answering the following questions.

(a) Who is a Rickshaw puller?

(b) Where is he seen?

(c) How long does he work everyday?

(d) How tiresome is his job?

(e) How does he behave with the passengers?

(f) How much is his income?

(g) What is his social status?

(h) What happens incase of earning too little?

A Rickshaw Puller

Ans: The man who pulls rickshaw for money is called a rickshaw puller. A rickshaw puller is a familiar person in cities and towns. He generally lives in a slum. Most of the rickshaw pullers have no rickshaws their own. They pull other rickshaws by renting. However, a rickshaw puller is a poor man. His dress is very shabby and dirty. His income is very low. He supports his family through much hardship. He works hard from morning till late night. He is seen carrying passengers in both good and bad weathers. He bargains with his passengers. He demands more when the weather is very hot and foul. Sometimes he tries to cheat passengers. But most often he is cheated by passengers. A rickshaw puller is seen sleeping on his rickshaw under a tree or sitting idly on his rickshaw. Though he drives rickshaw from morning till late night, he leads a very miserable life. His life is full of sorrows and sufferings. He cannot enjoy peace and happiness. If he becomes sick, he cannot drive his rickshaw. As a result, he and his family have to starve. Infact, the services of a rickshaw puller play an importance role in our national life. So we should think about his rights and show respect to them.

21) Write a paragraph on 'Climate Change' answering the following questions.

(a) What are the reasons behind climate change?

(b) What are the bad impacts of climate change?

(c) Who are the victims of climate change?

(d) How can we reduce the bad effects of climate change?

(e) How can we play role to reduce the bad impacts of climate change?

Climate Change

Ans: Climate change is now the most unpredictable threat to our planet. The earth’s climate has changed over the last century. There is stronger evidence that most of the warming observed the last 50 years is due to human activities. Because of gas productions, temperatures should continue to rise over the 21st century. Its impact will be severely negative on both mankind and nature. Human activities that contribute to climate change include in particular the burning of fossil fuels, agriculture and land-use changes like deforestation. These cause emissions of carbon dioxide. It is the main gas which is responsible for climate change. And for this possibly many catastrophic changes will be inevitable. The more the greenhouse gases are emitted, the higher the tendency will be for the earth to warm. It will widespread the melting of snow and ice. Serious consequences will be a rise in sea levels, which will endanger coastal areas and small islands. Therefore, only reducing emissions of greenhouse gases should reduce the risk of the adverse effects .Many options for emission reduction is available. But the whole world needs to be concerned to remove this fatal threat.

22) Write a paragraph on 'Good Citizen' answering the following questions.

(a) Who is a good citizen?

(b) What is the role of a good citizen?

(c) How to be a good citizen?

(d) What is the importance of a good citizen?

(e) Do you think student life is the best time to sow the seed of being a good citizen?

Good Citizen

Ans: A good citizen is a responsible member of a country. The development of the nation mainly depends on the activities of the citizens of the country. To become good citizens we have to become active both at home and in the society. We can go to the nearby shops and buy things for our families. Then we can easily take care of our younger when our parents are busy otherwise. Besides, we can take part in washing, cleaning and decorating our home. Even we can comfortably help our mothers in their cooking and preparing various food items. These activities of ours can help a lot to the betterment of our family environment. This attitude of cooperation should also be extended outside our home. We can work to establish an environment of beautiful relation among the people of our locality. We can do this great thing by doing small activities easily. Often people in our localities hold various social, religious and cultural programmes. We can eagerly participate in these programs. We can do that according to the need and instructions of the elderly social leaders. Then frequently the roads and streets of our areas need repair and servicing. We can voluntarily work to repair them. Besides, we can work together to construct new roads and pavements to facilitates public movement and easy transportation throughout our localities. Moreover, we can the weak and poor of our areas. A small loan of economic help can make a poor man self-reliant. We can arrange such financial help for them that can lead the whole society to a healthy environment. Thus our active participation in different activities both at home and in the localities can make our living atmosphere comfortable, happy and healthy. Student life is the best time to sow the seed of being a good citizen.

23) Write a paragraph on 'Pastimes' answering the following questions.

(a) What do you mean by pastime?

(b) How do pastimes vary?

(c) How have pastimes been changed in Bangladesh?

(d) What are the common pastimes all over the world?

(e) What is your favourite pastime?


Ans: The thing we do regularly for enjoyment rather than work is called pastime. In other words, pastime means one’s activities in one’s leisure. It differs from place to place. In our country pastime varies in respect of locality. In the village, we see men pass their leisure by chatting. They also like to pass their time in some games and sports namely ha-du-du, boat race, kiting etc. Some village people have their pastimes by doing social activities. Some take part in cultural activities like ‘Jatra, Jari-gan,’ etc. Both in the towns and villages, we see people have their pastimes by taking part in the discussion on political issues at tea-stalls. In this scientific era, the pastime of the people living in the cities has been changed. They are fond of spending their leisure before television. They watch programmes of different satellite channels. The younger generation is very much fond of cricket and hence they prefer sports channels. The women in the city area are fond of watching drama and films on television. The Chinese spend their time with their family members in parks. The Japanese love sports and spend their time in playing baseball, golf and practicing martial arts. Students spend their leisure in English clubs or art clubs or doing skate boarding. Thus pastimes vary from region to region. The pastimes which are common all over the world are watching television, reading novels, collecting stamps, sight seeing, gardening, walking, gossiping, fishing, going on picnics etc. I have a keen interest in photography. That is why, it is my favourite pastime.

24) Write a paragraph on 'Pahela Baishakh' answering the following questions.

(a) Which day is called Pahela Baishakh?

(b) Why do we celebrate it?

(c) Where is it celebrated?

(d) What do the rural people arrange on this day?

(e) What do the shopkeepers do?

(f) How do the urban people observe it?

(g) What do they put on?

(h) What do different organisations arrange?

(i) What is the significance of the day?

Pahela Baishakh

Ans: Pahela Baishakh is a part and parcel of Bangali culture. It is the first day of Bengali Calendar year. Our people observe this day with great festivities. The Baishakhi Mela which is celebrated this day is perhaps the largest festival of Bangali culture. People from all walks of life enjoy the festival in joyous mood. In villages, people pass the day meeting one another, giving and receiving invitations, enjoying music etc. by local performers and doing many other festive deeds. Businessmen open new books of account this very day which is known as Halkhata. Thus Pahela Baishakh comes every year with great joy and delight. Baishakhi Mela is a part and parcel of Bangali culture. It is perhaps the largest and most comprehensive celebration of the arts and culture of Bangladesh. It is held on the 1st day of the Bangla New Year. The Ramna Batamul is the centre around which New Year celebration has spread around the city and gradually across the country. This festival encompasses exhibition, music, poetry, crafts, photography, theatre etc in the urban area. A Baishakhi Mela is an annual gathering. Men, women and children gather in the Baishakhi Mela in large numbers. Fancy goods, toys, balloons, flutes, sweets and wooden things are mostly sold and children buy them. Circus parties are the common feature of the Baishakhi Mela. They often bring trained small tigers, elephants, monkeys, horses and bears that show funny feats. It is a matter of pride and pleasure that we celebrate our identity mature spirit through Baishakhi Mela.

25) Write a paragraph on 'The International Mother Language Day' answering the following questions.

(a) Which day is observed as the International Mother Language Day?

(b) What did the then Pakistan Government plan about the state language?

(c) Who protested their decision?

(d) What happened on the day?

(e) Why is the day observed?

(f) What do the people do on the day?

(g) How is the day observed?

(h) What do people do for the salvation of martyred souls?

The International Mother Language Day

Ans: The International Mother Language Day is an important day in the history of Bangladesh. Formerly it was known as 'Language Martyrs' Day', but now it has been recognized internationally as the 'International Mother Language Day' on 17 November, 1999 by UNESCO. At present, this day is observed all over the world to show love for mother tongue. In our country it is observed as a national mourning day. This is the day on which a lot of young Bengalis laid down their lives to uphold the right of their mother language. Salam, Barkat, Rafique, Zabbar including others were shot dead in the language movement procession against the illegal ruling party of Pakistan. Every year we observe the day with profound solemnity and great respect for the martyrs. Early in the morning the whole nation comes to the martyrs' monument to pay homage and due respect to the departed souls. People of all walks of life come here bare-footed in procession and offer flowers and wreaths to show honour to the martyrs. The people there keep silent for some minutes in honour and remembrance of the language martyrs. Government and non-government organizations arrange programmes to celebrate the day. Prayer is held in public prayer halls throughout the country for the salvation of the martyrs. This day inspire the people to love their mother language. We should do everything to save the honour of our mother language.

26) Write a paragraph on 'May Day or International Workers' Day' answering the following questions.

(a) Which day is observed as May Day?

(b) Why is it observed?

(c) Where is it observed?

(d) What is the history behind it?

(e) How long did people work at the beginning of Industrial Revolution?

(f) What would happen if the workers did not stand up and demand their rights?

(g) For whom is the day most important?

May Day Or International Workers' Day

Ans: May 1st is internationally observed as May Day. It is also called the International Workers' Day. The day is observed to commemorate the historic struggle of working people. The day is observed in most of the countries of the world. The day has a historical background. At present, the workers enjoy some privileges such as minimum wages, safety laws and eight hours workday. All these came out for the sacrifice of the workers in 1886. From the beginning of Industrial Revolution, people worked very long shifts in factories. They had to work up to fourteen or even more hours a day. This is why, in the 1880s the workers called an eight hours’ workday movement. Workers of all classes joined the movement and called for a strike. On May 3, 1886 police fired on a crowd of strikers of the McComic Harvest Machine Company, Chicago. They killed at least one striker, five or six strikers were wounded seriously and an undetermined number of strikers were injured. If the workers did not stand up and demand their rights, they would continue to be exploited. So, the day is of much importance for the working people all around the world.

27) Write a paragraph on 'Price Hike' answering the following questions.

(a) What is price hike?

(b) What are the causes of it?

(c) What is the impact of it in our society? 

(d) Who are the worst sufferers of it? 

(e) How can it be controlled?

Price Hike

Ans: Price hike means the exorbitant increase of the price of almost all the essential daily commodities. There are many reasons of it. Short supply of daily commodities and inflation are mainly responsible for price hike. Sometimes dishonest businesspersons and hoarders artificially raise price for making more profit. The price hike may also causes due to flood and fault of rail and road communications. Besides, the holy month of Ramadan also contribute a lot to it because people buy some commodities more than in other months. Vegetables, brinjal, green chili, sugar and oil become most expensive during this time. There are some bad impacts of it in our society. Price hike decreases our living standard and increases corruption in our society. Price hike increases the sufferings of the common people. The poor and the middle class people of our society are affected by it. Nevertheless, the worst sufferers of it are those who live from hand to month. Government should take immediate actions to control it. The law enforcing agencies should be deployed in the market place to monitor the market price. Legal actions must be taken against the dishonest businesspersons and hoarders.

28) Write a paragraph on 'A Winter Morning' answering the following questions.

(a) How is a winter morning?

(b) What happens during a winter morning?

(c) What do people do at that period?

(d) How does it look like?

(e) What is the food habit of the people in the winter morning?

(f) How long does it last?

A Winter Morning

Ans: A winter morning is misty and cold. There is dense fog everywhere. Everything looks hazy. Sometimes the fog is so dense that the sun rays can not get through it. Even things at a little distance can hardly be seen. The tall trees are covered with fog and they cannot be made out. Dew-drops fall at night. When the morning sun peeps they look like glittering gold on grass and plants. The birds feel happy to see the rays of the sun. The cow and other animals can not come out. But it is not so in every morning. Farmers go to the field with ‘hooka’ in their hands. Village children and the poor people gather straw and make fires to warm themselves. The old people and the poor people bask in the sun. People in general and children get up late. In a winter morning housewives make delicious and sweet cakes, pies of date juice and many other things. The scene of the winter morning vanishes as the day advances. The sun goes up and the fog melts. A winter morning is enjoyable in many respects.

29) Write a paragraph on 'A Rainy Day' through answering the following questions.

(a) What is a rainy day? 

(b) How does the sky look? 

(c) What are the results?

(d) How does it bring sufferings to the people? 

(e) How does it bring sufferings to the students? 

(f) How does it shake our mind?

A Rainy Day

Ans: A rainy day is a day when it rains all day long. It may rain heavily or slowly. It seems dull and gloomy. They sky is covered with dark clouds. Clouds fly here and there in the sky. Most of the time, the sky is not seen clearly. People can not go out without umbrella. Water stands on the road. Village roads become muddy and slippery. Sometimes roads go under water. As a result, vehicles cannot run on the road. It brings sufferings to the office going people. Sometimes it may late to reach the office. A rainy day is a curse to the poor people too. They cannot go out from their house to earn livelihood. They have to starve. It also brings sufferings to the school going boys and girls. They cannot go to their educational institutions. Though a few go, they get drenched on the way. As a result, classes are not held. So, it becomes a joyous day to them. A rainy day shakes our mind. It reminds our childhood. Sometimes we become affectionate to remember our childhood.

30) Write a paragraph on 'The Life of a Street Hawker' answering the following questions.

(a) Who is a street hawker?

(b) Where is the seen?

(c) What sort of man is he?

(d) What does he usually sell?

(e) How does he attract the attention of his customers?

(f) Who are his main customers?

(g) How is his way of living?

The Life of a Street Hawker Or A Street Hawker

Ans: A street hawker is a person who moves from street to street to sell his goods. He is a self-employed person. He is a very familiar figure both in villages and towns. But the number of street hawkers in the towns or cities is increasing day by day. He usually sells all kinds of daily necessaries, foods, clothes, cosmetics, toys etc. He carries his materials on head or in hands and sometimes in a small van. He buys his goods at a cheaper rate and sells them at a good profit. He is a very clever man. He generally wears a strange dress of different colours and makes peculiar sound to attract the attention of his customers. Children and women are his main customers. A street hawker may be an illiterate person but he knows his business very well. Generally, he comes to sell his goods when the master or the male person is out of home. He often cheats his customers by giving low quality goods at a high price. Still he is very popular among women and children. He brings things to our doors. Thus he makes the life and buying convenient. But he leads a very inconvenient, difficult and subhuman life in a slum. We should be sensitive and sympathetic towards him.

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