10 Miracles of Islamic Famous Saints, Hasan Basri, Habib Ajmi, Rabia Basria, Ibrahim Ibn Adham, Bishr Hafi, Dhun Nun Misri, Abdullah Ibn Mubarak's slave, Suhail Ibn Abdullah Tustari, Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz, Sara (A.S) Wife of Ibrahim (A.S)

Mohammed Ahsan

 10 Miracles of Islamic Famous Saints

10 Miracles of Islamic Famous Saints, Hasan Basri, Habib Ajmi, Rabia Basria, Ibrahim Ibn Adham, Bishr Hafi, Dhun Nun Misri, Abdullah Ibn Mubarak's slave, Suhail Ibn Abdullah Tustari, Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz, Sara (A.S) Wife of Ibrahim (A.S)

Hasan Basri

Once Hadhrat Hasan Basri accompanied by several people was on his way to the Ka'aba. During the journey they came across a well. They were all thirsty but had no rope to take water from the well. Hasan said, "I am beginning prayers, as I am praying you will notice the water of the well shall rise so that it is easily accessible. You may then drink and quench your thirst". All drank to their fill; however when one of the gathering after drinking filled a tumbler to keep by his side for future use, the water sank back down to its original level. When questioned about this strange occurrence, Hasan replied, "This was due to your lack of faith in depending solely on Allah". (Tadhklaratul Auliya)

From amongst his miracles was that he would be present for all prayers in Makkah although he resided in Basra. Saints have said that on the night of Hasan Basri's death we saw the gates of the heavens opened and a caller calling, "Take notice! Hasan Basri has come to meet his Lord, and He is pleased with him". (Jame' Karamaat ul Auliyah) 10 Miracles of famous saints

Habib Ajmi

Once a guest was partaking of the meagre meal at that poor Ajmi had prepared for him, when a beggar knocked at the door. Ajmi took all the food and gave it to the beggar. Surprised at Ajmi's ugly behaviour the guest (who was no other than Hasan Basri) said, "You must know a little of manners too!" Ajmi was silent for a moment, when to the surprise of Hasan there appeared a lady with a delicious dish. Both sat and partook of the meal. Then Ajmi spoke, "Hasan, you are a good man. You should develop a little more faith in Allah". (i.e. know that something given in Allah's name returns several fold). (Tadhkeratul Auliya) 10 Miracles of famous saints

Rabia Basria

Once Rabia Basria began the holy pilgrimage to Makkah. She carried her luggage on an old donkey. The donkey fell dead on the way. Her companions volunteered to carry her luggage but she refused on the basis that she had set off for the Hajj under the shelter of the Lord not theirs. The caravan passed on and she was left alone. Rabia prayed to her Lord, "O Master of the worlds. I am a desolate, meek and poor woman. First you invited me to your house, The Ka'aba, and now you have killed my donkey leaving me alone in this wilderness". This prayer was uttered and at once the donkey was revived. She then and at once the donkey was revived. She then placed her luggage upon it and proceeded on the pilgrimage.

On another occasion when Rabia proceeded on her pilgrimage to the Holy Ka'aba, and was passing through the wilderness she observed that the Ka'aba was coming towards her to welcome her. (Tadhkeratul Auliya) 0 Miracles of famous saints

Ibrahim Ibn Adham

A pauper was passing on the way heavily drunk, his face covered with dust. On seeing him Ibrahim began cleaning the man's mouth remark- ing, "The mouth that is used in repeating the name of the Lord must always remain clean". Upon becoming sober the man was ashamed of his deeds, he repented and gave up drinking. That night Ibrahim saw in his dream that angels came with news to him that since he had washed the mouth of the pauper, the Lord had cleansed his heart of evil thoughts in return for the good done by him.

Once Ibrahim was crossing the river by boat and a storm set in. The people were terrified. Ibrahim took out the Quran from his pocket and said, "If the boat sinks then this book will be lost, but this cannot be". Instantly, the Divine Voice was heard, "We shall not let the boat sink".

One day a person inquired of Ibrahim what he gained by leaving the kingdom of Balkh. Ibrahim at the time was seated by the bank of a river. He threw his needle in to the water and commanded the fish to bring it to him. Thousands of fish came back to him with gold needles; however Ibrahim said that he wanted his own. In response to this a small fish brought the one that belonged to Ibrahim. Thereupon Ibrahim told the man, "This is the smallest grade that has been con- ferred upon me as a result of my renouncing the kingdom of Balkh". (Tadhkeratul Auliya) 10 Miracles of famous saints

Bishr Hafi

After his death a saint saw Hafi in a dream. When asked how he fared in the presence of the Lord he replied, "The Lord pretended to place a frown on His face and said, Hafi, why did you fear Me so much in the world? Did you not know how Mer- ciful and Forgiving I am? Indeed, now taste of the tastiest dishes for you fasted so much for my sake in the world, and drink of the choicest drinks for you didn't taste of them in the world, because thereby you would have lost time and thus disturbed your worship". (Tadhkeratul Auliya)

Dhun Nun Misri

As they were carrying the dead body of Dhun Nun through the streets the birds in the sky spread their feathers and offered shade to his coffin. From the coffin his finger raised at the cry of the Muazzin from a mosque near by. People were surprised and came to check if he was alive, but he was dead. The finger remained in this raised position even after his coffin was lowered into the ground. (Tadhkeratul Auliya)

Abdullah Ibn Mubarak's slave

Abdullah Ibn Mubarak had a slave who he had promised liberty to if he earned and then paid him one hundred dinars. Due to this request the slave began making daily payments. One day a friend of Mubarak told him, "Your slave passes the graveyard everyday, steals the coffins of the dead and pays you what he gets after selling them in the market". Irritated at this Mubarak followed his slave one night into the graveyard to find out the truth. There he saw the slave wearing a sack cloth and an iron ring around his neck descending into a grave lamenting and praying till morning. Then he retired to a mosque, Mubarak followed him. There he continued praying, "Oh Allah shortly I shall have to pay the day's wages to the master of my physical body". Immediately a light appeared before him. It fell into the palm of his hands and was converted into dinars. As he rose to go home and deliver the money, Abdullah Ibn Mubarak came out from his hiding place and addressing his slave said "From today let us change places, you be the master and I your slave." (Tadhkeratul Auliya)

Suhail Ibn Abdullah Tustari

Tustari said, "One day in the wilderness I met an old woman who looked very poor. I offered her a coin but she withdrew and raising her hand to the sky prayed to Allah, and a gold coin appeared in her hand. Smiling she remarked you take out money from your pocket whilst I receive it from the Unseen Power". Saying this she disappeared. (Tadhkeratul Auliya) 10 Miracles of famous saints

Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz

It has been narrated by Hadhrat Mujahid he says that Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz questioned, "What do people say with regards to me?" I replied, "The people state that magic has been practised upon. you." To this Umar said, "No magic has been practised upon me, then he called for a certain slave and said, "How sad! What has prepared you to mix poison in my drink?' The slave girl replied 1,000 dinars have been given to me along with the promise of freedom. Umar then asked for the 1000 dinars, they were brought to him, he placed the 1000 dinars in the Baitul Maal, then he asked the slave to go away somewhere where no one would be able to see her. (Tadhkeratul Huffaz)

Sara (A.S) Wife of Ibrahim (A.S)

It has been narrated that Hadhrat Ibrahim (A.S.) accompanied by Hadhrat Sara during the Hijrah came across a city that was ruled by a tyrant king. He was informed that Hadhrat Ibrahim was passing through with a woman of immense beauty and so he sent people to find out who she was in relation to Hadhrat Ibrahim (A.S.). When questioned Hadhrat Ibrahim replied "She is my sister" then he approached Hadhrat Sara and asked her to enforce his statement, "I have told the people you are my sister By Allah there is no Muslim on this land apart from you and I, hence you are my sister in Islam".

Meanwhile the King sent for Hadhrat Sara (A.S.) and attempted to approach her with bad intentions. Hadhrat Sara (A.S.) made wudhu and began praying, "Oh Allah I have placed my faith in you and your Nabi, and apart from my husband I have kept my self pure and chaste, do not let this non-believer overcome me". Suddenly the king was taken by fits and began banging his feet. Hadhrat Sara (A.S.) then prayed, "Oh Allah if he dies now people will say I have killed him", her prayer was again answered and he was freed of his situation. On recovery the king repeated his bad intention. Sara (A.S.) repeated her prayer to her Lord. Again the king was overcome with fits. Sara (A.S.) again prayed to Allah, "If he dies now people will accuse me of his murder", hence the king was spared. On recovery this time the king proclaimed to the people, "By God you have brought me a devil! Return her to Ibrahim and give him also Hajra". On return Hadhrat Sara (A.S.) said to Ibrahim are you aware of how Allah disgraced the non-believer and also gave us a slave girl for our work. (Narrated by Bukhari from Abu Hurairah) (Kanzul A'maal).

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