History Of Prophet Idris (Enoch) Alaihissalam

Mohammad Rashed

History Of Prophet Idris (Enoch) Alaihissalam

 Prophet Idris (Enoch)

Enoch has received praise from Allah, who calls him a prophet and a trustworthy person:

Mention Idris (Enoch) in the Book (Qur'an). He was a prophet and a man of truth, without a doubt. He was promoted by us to a high position. (Qur'an, Ch. 19:56–57).

Birth and Instructions

Enoch was raised in Babylon in accordance with the beliefs and religious teachings of Prophet Seth (pbuh) and his son Adam (pbuh). The Prophet Adam's fifth generation ancestor was Enoch. Only a small number of the populace responded to his plea to return to the religion of his ancestors, while the bulk turned away.
Prophet Enoch traveled to Egypt with his followers from Babylon. He continued his work there, urging people to uphold justice and fairness, teaching them specific prayers, advising them to fast on specific days, and urging them to donate a portion of their money to the needy.

Prophet Enoch's Wise Words

After Adam and Seth (peace be upon them), he was the first of the Children of Adam to receive the prophetic gift. According to legend, he was the first to develop the fundamental structure of writing. Some of his sage advice include:

"Happy is he who considers his own deeds and designates them as his Lord's pleaders." 
"Nobody may express thanks for Allah's favors more effectively than someone who spreads them to others."
"People will only enjoy what they have for a short while, so do not envy them for what they have."
"He will not profit from it who indulges in excess." 
"Wisdom is the real joy of life."

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