History Of Prophet Salih Alaihissalam

Mohammad Rashed

Prophet Salih Alaihissalam

History Of  Prophet Salih Alaihissalam

 Description of the Thamudi People

The tribe of Thamud succeeded the Ad in strength and splendor when they were destroyed. They also started worshiping idols. Their wicked deeds increased along with their monetary affluence, while their virtue declined. They created magnificent mansions out of the hills and established enormous buildings on the plains, just like the inhabitants of Ad. As bad men governed the kingdom, tyranny and injustice increased.

An explanation of Salih

As a result, Allah sent one of them, His Prophet Salih (PBUH), to them. Salih Ibn Ubeid, Ibn Maseh, Ibn Ubeid, Ibn Hader, Ibn Thamud, Ibn Ather, Ibn Eram, and Ibn Noah were all variations of his name. He urged his followers to worship Allah alone and not to equate Him with any other deities. While some of them did accept him, the vast majority did not and hurt him both verbally and physically. Salih told them to:

"O my flock! Worship Allah, for He is the only Ilah (god) that exists. (Ch 11:61)
Before receiving the revelation from Allah, Salih had earned the esteem of his people by being known for his intelligence, purity, and goodness. His family members stated to Salih:
"O my flock! Worship Allah, for He is the only Ilah (god) that exists. (Ch 11:61)
Salih, 'O! We looked to you as a symbol of hope and wanted you to lead us until you introduced the idea that we should stop worshipping our gods and turn to Allah alone. Do you currently prevent us from worshiping the deities that our ancestors worshiped? However, we have serious reservations about your invitation to become monotheists. (Quran, CH 11:62).

Salih's supporters call for a miracle

They had no justification, evidence, or other thought behind their desire to worship the same deities as their ancestors. Even though Salih's (PBUH) statement was clearly supported by evidence, it was clear that the majority of his followers did not accept his message. They questioned his claims, thinking he was bewitched, and they became frustrated as he continued to preach. They attempted to distract him by giving him a significant task—performing a miracle to demonstrate that he was a messenger of Allah—out of concern for the growth of his following. A special she camel should emerge from the highlands. Salih was given this miracle by Allah, and a large, unusual female camel suddenly materialized in the direction of the mountain. According to the Quranic interpreters, the Thamudi people assembled at their meeting site on a certain day, and the prophet Salih (PBUH) arrived and urged them to believe in Allah while reminding them of the blessings Allah had bestowed upon them. Then, pointing at a rock, they commanded, "Ask your Lord to make a she camel, which must be 10 months pregnant, tall, and attractive, issue from the rock for us." Salih answered: "Now look! Will you believe in what I have brought to you and have trust in the message I have been sent with if Allah gives you what you have asked for exactly as you have described? They replied, "Yes."

He then asked Allah the Almighty to grant their desire after taking their promise on this. Allah commanded the far-off rock to split in two, releasing a massive, ten-month pregnant female camel. They were astounded as their eyes landed on it. They witnessed a magnificent sight, a brilliant power, and unmistakable proof!

He then asked Allah the Almighty to fulfill their request after collecting a vow from them on the subject. Allah commanded a distant boulder to break apart, releasing a large, ten-month pregnant female camel. They were astounded when they finally saw it. They witnessed a marvelous sight, a powerful phenomenon, and unmistakable proof!

"We sent the camel as a clear sign to Thamud, but they mistreated her. (Ch 17:59) As well as:
Indeed, the inhabitants of Al Hijr (the rocky area) disbelieved in the messengers. We presented them with Our Signs, but they rejected them. (Qur'an, Ch. 15:80–81)

There are several historical reports of this camel's amazing qualities. According to legend, the she camel was remarkable since it emerged from a mountain's fractured rock along with its baby calves. According to other tales, the she camel used to consume all the water from the wells in a single day, preventing any other animals from getting close to the water. Others asserted that the camel's milk production occurred on the same day that it used all the water, leaving none for the people to drink. When the woman camel emerged from the mountain boulders, the Thamud residents were initially taken aback. It was a blessed camel whose milk fed multitudes of adults, children, and pregnant women. If it did, other animals had left the area where it slept empty. As a result, it was clear that it was a sign from Allah rather than just a regular camel. It existed among Salih's followers, some of whom had a sincere faith in Allah, but the bulk had remained stubborn and unbelieving. The blessed she camel became the focal point of their rage towards Salih. The disbelievers began hatching a plot against the camel, and they worked behind its back.

Salih feared that they might kill the camel, so he warned them:

"O my flock! This camel of Allah is a sign for you; let her graze on the earth of Allah and do not harm her lest you experience a near-torment. (Qur'an, Ch. 11:64)

For a while, Salih's people let the camel to freely graze and drink, but they secretly despised it. However, many people turned out to be Salih's supporters as a result of the miraculous apparition of the special camel, and they held to their faith in Allah.

Narratives of the She-camel

The detractors immediately started whining that this enormous she camel with its peculiar characteristics had consumed most of the water and alarmed their animals.
They devised a plan to kill the camel and enlisted the cooperation of their female population to bribe the men into carrying out their orders. Saduq bint of Mahya, a member of a wealthy and illustrious family, made himself available to Masrai Ibn Mahraj on the condition that he hamstring the camel. Aniza, an elderly woman, gave one of her children to Qudar Ibn Saluf, a young man, in exchange for killing the camel. Naturally, these young men gave in to temptation and went in search of seven more people to help them.

They kept a careful eye on the camel and watched every move it made. Masarai shot the camel in the leg with an arrow as it approached the well to fill up. It made an attempt to flee, but the arrow stopped it. Qudar rode after the camel and stabbed it in the other leg with a sword. He pierced it with his sword as it hit the ground.

The assassins received a hero's welcome, with songs and poetry written in their honor. They mocked Salih in their conceit, but he cautioned them: "Enjoy life for three more days before the punishment comes to you." Before the three days were through, Salih hoped that they would realize the error of their ways and adopt a new mentality.

They questioned, "Why three days?" Let the penalty be meted out as soon as practicable.

"My people, why do you hasten to evil rather than good?" he begged of them. Why don't you seek Allah for forgiveness so that you can experience mercy?

They answered, "We see your presence and that of your followers as bringing evil upon us."

Allah Ta'ala narrated their tale as follows:

"And indeed, We sent their brother Salih to Thamud, telling him to worship only Allah. and look! They split into two sides (believers and nonbelievers), fighting with one another.
"O my people!" he exclaimed. Why do you want Allah's Mercy to come faster than the good (torment)? Why do you not ask Allah for forgiveness so that you can experience mercy? He responded: "Your ill omen is with Allah; nay, but you are a people that are being tested." They said: "We augur till omen from you and those with you."

Nine males who caused trouble in the country and would not change were present in the city (they were the sons of their chieftain). "Swear to another by Allah that we will sneak up on him and his home at night and then we will unquestionably tell his close family members that we did not see his home destroyed and that we are telling the truth," they added."
As a result, they plotted something, and We made plans, but they didn't see it. then observe how their scheme ended. Verily! Together, we annihilated both them and their country. These are their homes, in complete disrepair because they were mistaken. For those who are aware, there is undoubtedly an Ayah (a lesson or a sign) in this. We protected those who had faith and had previously feared and obeyed Allah. (Qur'an, Ch. 27:45–53)

They also planned to murder Salih and his family in accordance with what the All-Powerful Allah said:

So they plot, and We prepared a strategy, but they did not perceive it. (Qur'an, Ch. 27:50) Salih and his supporters were rescued by Allah from their evil schemes. They moved away from the evildoers and left with heavy hearts. Three days after Salih issued his warning, violent earthquakes followed by a deluge of thunderbolts completely obliterated the entire tribe's country. All of the land's inhabitants perished as a result of the land's tremendous shaking. The disbelievers of Salih's people were all struck dead at once after a tremendous shout that had just almost finished. Their rock-hewn dwellings and sturdy structures were unable to defend them.

Allah, the Most High, said:

Salih, their brother, was sent to the Thamud people. "O my people!" HE cried. Worship Allah, for there is no other Ilah (god) worthy of your worship save Him. In fact, your Lord has sent you a clear sign in the form of the miraculous appearance of a large female camel in the middle of a rock. This camel of Allah is a symbol for you, therefore leave her to graze in Allah's land and don't damage her to avoid being subjected to a torturous punishment. Keep in mind that when He made you the Ad people's successors and gave you houses in the country, you constructed palaces for yourself on the plains and carved out residences in the mountains. So keep in mind the blessings Allah has given you, and refrain from causing trouble on the planet. Know you that Salih is one sent from his Lord, the leaders of the haughty among his people said to those who were viewed as weak, to those of those who believed. We do believe in what he has been dispatched with, they declared. Those who were haughty retorted, "Verily, we disbelieve in that which you believe in."
So they killed the she camel and insolently defied the Commandment of their Lord, and said: "O Salih! Bring about your threats if you are indeed one of the Messengers (of Allah)." So the earthquakes seized them and they lay dead, prostrate in their homes. Then he (Salih) turned from them, and said: "O my people! I have indeed conveyed to you the Message of my Lord, and have give you good advise but you like not good advisers." (Ch 7:73-79 Quran)

Before they knew what was occurring, they were all destroyed. The people who adhered to Salih's (PBUH) message were rescued because they had left the area. According to Ibn Umar, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) halted along with the locals while passing Thamud's homes on his way to the battle of Tabuk. The villagers retrieved water from the wells where Thamud's residents formerly drank. They made their dough (for baking) and used it (the water from the wells) to fill their water skins. They were to empty the water skins and feed the baked dough to the camels, according to the Prophet of Allah (PBUH). Once they arrived at the well where Salih's she camel used to get her water, he continued on their journey with them. He said, "I fear that you may be affected by what afflicted them; so do not enter upon them," warning them against approaching the people who had been chastised.


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